Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tip #1 Be Prepared

I think thrifting and up-cycling is a blast. I don’t just think it’s fun, I make an olympic sport out of it! But if it is your first time you may be a little overwhelmed. I’m not talking about designer retail shops. I’m talking about cheap and dirty shopping.

Smells- There will be smells and they will be unpleasant. Sort of like moth balls and Mexican food soaked in a vat of chicken noodle soup. I took my cousin Britt thrifting for her first time and as we left the store she said, “I’m really happy you warned me about the smells.” Come to think of it Britt didn’t end up buying anything.

Clothes-Yes I know you are there to buy clothes but I’m talking about what you wear to the thrift store. My go to ensemble is leggings with a t-shirt dress because cheap and dirty thrift stores don’t have dressing rooms and you’ll need to try on clothes OVER your clothes.

More time on the Meter-It always takes longer then you think, no matter what you think. Always put an extra 30 minutes on your parking meter.

Bring Cash- A lot of my cheap and dirty stores only take cash, only have 1 of 5 checkouts for debit/credit, or the debit/credit machine is broken.

Snacks and Water-I keep granola bars and a bottle of water in the car. Because thrifting always takes more time then you think and is kind of tiring.

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