Monday, June 22, 2015

Tip #12 Upcycle Dirt - For Father's Day

I have the unique privilege of being the spawn of two former art teachers. Since this week is Father's Day I'll share the impact my poppy has had on the circus that is up cycling. 

This is my Poppy and I on my wedding day dancing to Heartland's "I loved her first." A song, we had decided on when I was sweet sixteen. 

First of all, my dad is one heck of a thrifter! This past Black Friday my dad and I did not bother with the big name stores, Instead we went to a resale shop and got 1/2 off some already tiny prices. We rummage, we thrift, we estate shop, we garage sale. My dad knows his stuff and despite most of a childhood of not loving his penny pinching ways, I now emulate them.  

Secondly, My dad is a great teacher. I struggle with wanting to be perfect at something the first time I try it. My father, seeing my frustration would tell me I had to make ten mistakes before I'd be good. So when I'd mess up and want to cry or yell, he'd calmly say, "Okay, that's one, you have nine more." It probably takes more than ten mistakes to be good at anything but by mishap number six I'd start to see improvement and be having fun. I just needed to see the mistakes as stepping stones, not as failures.

I have so many memories of doing art projects with my dad. We made pinjatas from scratch, plaster masks of our faces, and he even tought me to draw the human nose. No one ever knows how to draw a nose! One of the coolest things he taught me was working with pottery and throwing on the wheel.

My dad probably first brought clay home for me to sculpt and glaze around the age of four. I give you exhibit A. Twenty-oneish years later, I give you exhibit B. There maybe a slight improvement.

I can't think working with clay (or dirt) without thinking of the ultimate in upcycling. God. As a Christian I know that God took simple dirt from the earth and spoke life into it to create the beauty and life that is Adam. Though my words are not that life bringing, my hands can in a small shadow of a way create beauty. I'm so amazingly blessed to have an artist as an earthly father. But it's so much sweeter to look to my Heavenly Father as the most awe-inspiring artist. He can even "Upcycle Dirt."

Happy Father's Day Dad! Thanks for teaching me about art, life, mistakes, and eternity.

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  1. I just by chance came upon your blog while going to drop you a note. This is a wonderful way to share your life adventures and the touching dad tribute made me emotional.... Enjoy this season of life!