Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tip #13 Make A Bridal Shower Gift

It's Summer. It's wedding season. If you have a lot of friends getting hitched in the same year this can get a bit pricey which is why it can be lovely to make your own gift.

A talented Etsy Seller

Step 1) Find some inspiration! I rarely resort to Pintrest. Mainly because I already have a million projects stewing in my head and I don’t need anymore. But for my friend's bridal shower I needed something NOT so cheap and dirty.

Step 2) Grab some wooden spoons at T.J. Max. I ended borrowing a wood burner from a  friend. Money Saved.

Step 3) Burn these in an afternoon. You can sketch with pencil before or just free hand. 

Step 4) Buy a bright colored mixing bowl and fill with boxed brownies and breads. Wrap in clear plastic and pretty bow.

Step 5) Be super happy for that sweet bride in you life!

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