Saturday, January 2, 2016

#16 Get Spooky. Halloween 2015

Good to see you again. I've been gone from blogging for a long time so I'm super excited to get back into it with one of my favorite Holidays. 

It's a new year so time for some new habits. Actually back to some old habits for me so let me catch you up on: Halloween, Christmas, my home, and my newest challenge.

After just a bit of digging at my favorite place to get the things that are cheap and dirty...

 My husband and I decided for Halloween this year I would be Little Dead Riding Hood!  My cape is made out of a thrifted sheet
with some help from this youtuber. I found the dress at the same thrift store for two dollars. And of course slashed my face up real good thanks to this gent.

My sweet husband was the Big Bad Wolf and one our guy friends was a great enough sport to be Granny.

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