Saturday, January 2, 2016

#18 Make your own Christmas decorations. Christmas 2015

If you know me well. You know I like things cheap. Even better if it's free. Especially, around Christmas time!

This year I used an Etsy recipe to create non-edible gingerbread ornaments and a ginger bread house. I can guarantee you'll find the ingredients in your cupboard and I already have oodles of puff paint which I used for "frosting"

So check out what I got to make on a Saturday after noon:

1) I sketched my ideal "home."

2) Came up with some real life dimensions.

3) Cut each piece out of thin cardboard.

4) Taped the pieces as a mock up.

5) Rolled out the dough!

6) Used my mock up cardboard pieces as a cutting template.

7) Baked.

8) Puff painted.

9) Waited for the paint to dry.

10) And assembled with a hot glue gun.

I suppose that doesn't sound too easy. It may even seem crazy. But I would go crazy if I wasn't making something! 

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