Monday, February 15, 2016

#22 Make clothes that FIT!

Like every woman ever in the history of time I have a hard time finding clothes the fit me! I'm a longer than average female so unless a company sells clothes in LONG or TALL I can't shop there.

One of the main reasons I liked the idea of challenging myself with making my own clothes for a year is I get to: Make clothes that FIT!

Tunics and leggings are an absolute staple for me. I like to be modest but struggle to find tunics that cover my booty. Usually I just buy a regular person mini-dress and wear it with tights so finishing this tunic was a big day for me.

I took this Jalie tunic pattern 3245 and added 2 inches in length to the bust/waist section. Want to know a huge plus with this pattern? I felt good in it! It hid my problem areas. I mean, what problem areas?! More of these tunics to come!!!

I used a purple sweatshirt fleece and this thing is crazy soft and comfy. The first day I wore it I was out and about with a preschooler and toddler. I could play with and carry kiddos and was so glad I added the pockets.

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