Saturday, February 20, 2016

#23 Turn a baggy boy shirt into a fit girl tunic!

I told you I'd have more tunics in the near future. Even I'm a little surprised that it's this week.

As you already know this year I'm challenging myself with making, not buying any clothes. Since I work out almost everyday it's time for a work out tunic. I love the running tights trend but am not a fan of the shorter tops. Now I can run outside and not feel too exposed.

This is so Upcycle Circus of me because I got a chance use a XXL man's shirt to make my fit girl tunic. Up until this point I'd been buying fabric straight up which I will keep doing but it's fun to make clothes on the cheap. This was not a simple take in the side project. This was a complete redo into a scoop neck, raglan style, curved hem tunic.

I must have done some overcompensating knowing this was a boy's shirt and all because all of the exposed stitching is in neon pink to match my running shoes!

Oh in case you wanted to see, here is the back. I always forget that side.

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