Thursday, March 17, 2016

#26 Keep it casual pants Jalie 3461

In one weeks time I already have to swap out my favorite pair of pants. If you remember in my last post I did something I never thought I'd do and made jeans! Those jeans quickly became my favorite pair, but their britches victory was short lived thanks to these.

I made a few slight changes to last weeks pants and they are (mwah) perfect! I added 1" in length about the knee, 1" below the knee, and a 1/2" at the hem creating the perfect 34.5in inseam I need. I'm a size U in these pants but below the knee I tapered into a size R. They aren't exactly skinny jeans but now they could fit in boots.

The biggest game changer for the fit was widening the the waist band. I used 1.5 in elastic and went down one size in the waist. For my body type this was ideal because now they stay up really well but hold in the "love handle" region which I think helps slim.

Even though I used Jalie's Eleanor jeans pattern, I didn't use denim to make them. I used a medium/heavy weight 4 way stretch knit that you can find at  Think super quality not see-through yoga pants. The color is heather navy/grey and has the appearance of jeggings. These pants remind me of a pair of to and fro casual pants I got as a gift from Athleta. 

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