Saturday, March 26, 2016

#27 Run out of beginners luck on a Dolman top Jalie 3352

After my last couple posts I was beginning to feel like everything I'd make would feel and fit great. Well, it appears I have run out of beginners luck on this Jalie Dolman top.

I did not want to show you you this but since this is a one year challenge I feel I should probably show the challenging parts. And I'll probably learn more from the items I don't care for than the items I love.

Let's start with the things I do like: 
1) Price of fabric was great. I got it on clearance from GirlCharlee. 
2) Color! From far away it looks cream, but up close there are rainbow flecks.
3) I got to use my rainbow serger thread. So pretty
4) Quick and easy pattern.

Here's where things could have gone better:
1) The knit had no recovery. When I first put the top on it was an okay fit but it kept stretching out. The neckline got lower, the length got longer. I'm convinced if I didn't take it off mid-day it would have been a puddle around my ankles.
2) The size. I know dolmans are supposed to be loose and forgiving. But I made this in a size U (already 2 sizes smaller then what my bust measured at). 
3) Length. This is my fault. I added my standard 2 inches in length and it was too long (and only became longer. I tried re-cutting just the front but then I felt the high/low was too extreme.

On the bright side:
1) I look forward to never wearing this shirt again.
2) I will try this pattern again having learned from my mistakes.

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