Friday, July 1, 2016

#38 Bring Out the Button Jar (Chi-Town Chinos continued)

Mom used to have old decorative trunks filled with vintage collectables. A cracked porcelain doll,  delicate lace, a lamp made with a glass canning jar, and a weathered stereograph viewer. Oh course none of these items were toys, so naturally, I had strewn them all around the house while transporting myself back in time. Much to my family's annoyance I was a very messy and imaginative child.

This is stereograph viewer. It allows you to see old timey pics in 3-D

The trunks are gone, and I'm no longer that messy child, but I think my active imagination serves me as I continue to get lost in my own little world creating. Recently my mom gave me the (now broken) lamp with the base of a glass canning jar and it happened to be filled with buttons. So for my Chi-Town Chinos I got to bring out the button jar.

Here's my button jar formerly know as lamp

For these shorts I measured a size 14 in the waist and 10 in the hips. Alina, the designer,
conveniently added a back extension for people like me, who are shaped more like a pint glass than an hourglass. I did add 3.5inches to the inseam of the shorts. Check out my first post about these shorts.

I used a green linen fabric I found at "Are You Ready To Rummage" and for my bias tape, inner pocket flap, and pockets I used a vintage fabric I had found at the same rummage sale one year prior. My heart smiles at a rummage sale.

I love this little button I used for my back flap pockets.
Thanks again Alina for letting me pattern test. You can buy this pattern I've been talking about so much. And thanks Mom for stirring a passion in me for finding old world treasures...and for encouraging my imagination...and putting up with my messes.

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