Friday, July 22, 2016

#42 Get Sher-locked up for Your Husband's Birthday

My husband's birthday was off to a great start when me and all of the guest got LOCKED-UP. We took 1 hour to break out of jail and the experience was one we won't forget. If you've never done an escape room I highly recommend it. We did a "jail break" one which I actually don't recommend. But I still recommend everyone (who loves riddles, games, and clues) try an escape room once in their lives.

I wasn't planning on decorating or doing a theme for my husband's birthday until three days before the party! Why do I do this to myself? Since we used clues to escape the first half of the party it only seemed fitting to have a Sherlock Holmes themed rest of the day.
I think I hit the perfect spooky to pipes ratio. Also, The tea stained painting in the upper right corner has the address of 221B. I kill myself!

While the happy birthday sign behind the dessert looks unassuming it was very necessary for the guests to solve the puzzle and find where the prize for the night was. Numbers equalled letters. Letters lead to a place. The place led to a riddle in which you drank "poison" or "prize." The winner chose wisely so when they finished drinking an unknown dark liquid they could see a clue to a spot. And in that spot they found Sir Authur Conan Doyle's complete works of Sherlock Holmes tied with a ribbon.

I did steal some of my idea from Pinterest. Thank you thank you Pinterest for this cake!
Bloody death cake (red velvet), Sherlock silhouette oreos, British flag crackers, and chocolate mustache lollis. YUM!

I did have a couple of ideas of my own. I know you could get a much cleaner look with royal icing, but I have never worked with royal icing and was in a rush. I totally used the cheater version by A) using Wilton melts and B) placing my designs on store bought cookies.

It all came together nicely. I had other ideas but ran out of time, of course. And I'm sure I'll do the same thing next year, OF COURSE!

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