Saturday, July 16, 2016

#41 Throw Your Husband A Bear-thday Party

Three days before my husband's birthday party, I had already invited everyone. I wandered down every isle of Partycity and Michael's and could NOT find any prepackaged party themes or decorations that were remotely masculine. My manly man likes camping and his favorite animal is a bear so I decided I would throw my husband a BEARthday party. Oh and be warned, this post will show you how passionately committed I can become to a sort-of-lame idea. I'm not, how do you say, a "cool" person.


Once I have an idea....I freakin' live for decorating! It's a good thing you aren't here with me because I would just start shaking you by the shoulders. I get so excited! I turned the art on our walls into bear stencils, fur print, and plaid.

Step 2) GAMES

We played three games which I titled: Papa Bear, Bear with Me, and Bear Grills. And yes I made them up.

Papa Bear is a pre-printed worksheet of puns aka dad jokes, hence the "Papa." Everyone had one minute to complete this worksheet.

Bear With Me- Everyone had three minutes to list any bear species, fictional bear characters, or bear foods they could think of. Whomever had the most original ideas gets a prize. Example: Black, Grizzly, Gummy bear, Yogi, Bear Grills...

Bear Grills- I "grilled" my husband on some trivia about himself and all guests had to guess what was true of him.

Step 3) TREATS

I made vegan oreo truffles and peanut butter cup truffles.

Step 4) Prizes!

You guessed it. ALL. BEAR. THEMED!

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