Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#39 Red (eyes) White and Blue (shirt)

I blame my friend Kathryn.
My top and pants are BOTH Jalie patterns!

The day before I left for my trip she asked if I'd be wearing red, white, and blue on Independence day. At the time I'd painted my nails white and was going to wear blue. But the next morning I woke up at 5am and had convinced myself I needed a proper 4th of July outfit.

I still had yet to pack and was leaving for the airport at 9am but managed to turn an old white t and some marvelous Art Gallery jersey knit into a festive top.

I made my Jalie dolman top a size U in the chest shoulders and tapered into a size T in the waist and hips. I also added 2inches in length to the overall shirt. Oh, and I sliced the the top front piece of the pattern and added seam allowance to give it the color block look.

So even with sleep deprived red eyes, I made a white and blue dolman top. Was it worth it? Sure.

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